WOD Welder | Salve, Cream, & Pumice Handcare Kit

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  • w.o.d.welder | Salve, Cream, & Pumice Handcare Kit

WOD Welder | Salve, Cream, & Pumice Handcare Kit

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Get the WOD Welder kit and save BIG TIME! To make things convenient and economical we've bundled up three of our great Handcare for Athlete's products in the same place, making it even easier to purchase and follow our 3 step system.

Step 1: Solid salve for keeping calluses hydrated

Step 2: Wild harvested pumice stone for keeping calluses smooth and low

Step 3: Hands as Rx daily cream for keeping hands smooth, supple and rip free

You'll SAVE 15% when purchasing our system. A win-win! Both your hands and wallet will remain hydrated and healthy.

Take care of your hands!

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Our hands are our most important "tools" in our sport. To prevent torn hands... hydrate, repair, soothe, smooth, and moisturize with w.o.d.welder Handcare for Athletes. Now you have an all-in-one kit to help prevent and maintain your hands to keep you in the game longer.

Already have rips? Wash skin and apply Solid Salve liberally, and often. With w.o.d.welder Salve, you will see healing start within 24 hours. Use it and get back to your workout more quickly.

1. Solid Salve

All natural ingredients hydrate your hands like no water based lotions can, and help them recover from the toughest WODs. The formula contains Lanolin, which holds and attracts moisture to the skin while still allowing it to breath. Plus beeswax, and age-old natural antibacterial which helps with cell regeneration. Aloe Butter is an anti-inflammatory, natural pain reliever, and a skin soother, and Shea Butter helps skin to regenerate quickly. Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils smell great and are naturally antibacterial.

Keep a stick in your gym bag, in your car, on your nightstand, and apply frequently. You will see hydrated hands with smoother calluses, and less ripping and shredding. Your hands may even look presentable for a change.

2. Natural Pumice Stone

The best way to prevent rips and shreds is to maintain your calluses, keeping them smooth and uniform. Unlike pumice stones found at your local drug store, these stones are all natural, more abbrasive, and harvested in California. It's exactly what you need to smooth out rough hands in no time.

Instructions for use are simple--for best results, use on damp skin after lathering and rinsing your hands with soap. Rub the stone in one direction over your calluses and dry skin parts, and rinse. Moisturize afterward with w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream.

3. Hands as RX Cream

The quickest way to rips and tears (and sitting out while they heal) is to have under-hydrated hands with thick calluses. Hands as Rx Cream is a fast absorbed skin cream that will keep your hands and palms supple and hydrated. It counteracts the drying effects of chalk, and the grinding your hands take on the bar, the bells, ropes, your endless pull ups.

Don't worry--Hands as Rx isn't a hand cream for wimps, and it also doesn't breakdown the calluses that you need. It simply hydrates skin and allows it to breath and maintain elasticity.

Your hands will thank you for it. Used daily, you will see soft, smooth hands in no time.

The w.o.d.welder Handcare Kit includes:

  • 1 oz push up tube of wodwelder salve
  • 2 oz jar of wodwelder extreme cream
  • 1 long lasting natural pumice ston

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