The Natural Grip | Olympic Lifting Hand Grips

The Natural Grip | Olympic Lifting Hand Grips

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The Natural Grip

No more ripped hands.

An alternative to traditional weightlifting gloves or bulky wraps, Natural Grips are made from a thin but durable Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape, which can be custom fit to your hands. The result is a comfortable, breathable, streamlined grip that protects the hands throughout high-rep weight training, pull-ups, etc.

Product Description

The Natural Grip is made out of a Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape that provides excellent tensile strength and superior comfort. It has a Latex free adhesive. The cotton tape material is of superior quality and is not available for purchase in local athletic stores. The material used is high-quality porous so it is NOT washable, but it is breathable. They will last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use. The Natural Grips are easily secured with your own wrist wraps or athletic tape. We do recommend that you tightly attach your grips around the wrist in order to prevent them from slipping during your WOD. The Natural Grip is sized based off of your RING finger (please see the following sizing guide). If you are in between sizes please round up to the next largest size.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash or clean my grips?

Do NOT wash grips, they will disintegrate if washed. Grips will need to dry out in-between WODs in order to extend their lifespan.

How do I know what grip size I am?

These grips are handmade to fit based off of your ring finger size. Since sizing is based on ring size, the grips provide a tighter fit than typical leather grips.

How long do the grips usually last?

They will last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use. The Natural Grips are easily secured with your own wrist wraps, athletic tape, or goat tape.

How do I prep my grips for a WOD?

When you first get your grips out of the package you need to give them a quick look and press down any areas of tape that might have come up in transit. Then you can put them on, secure at wrist, chalk up, and work out. The grips need to dry out in-between WODs and you might need to push down any areas that come up until the grips get fused together well, which will happen after a few workouts.

How do I attach the grips?

The Natural Grips need to be attached at the wrist with either wrist wraps or athletic tape. Using tape vs. wrist wraps is really a personal choice. The grips must be attached tightly so that they will not slip during the WOD. We have found that women do better attaching with tape since it is typically difficult for them to cinch their wrist wraps down tight enough to keep the grips in position. Two to three wraps of tape tightly wrapped will keep the grips in place with no problem. Also depending on the WOD some members might want to use tape and wrist wraps. Each Natural Grip user typically finds what works best for them after a few uses.

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