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Sport Journals | WODbook Classic - The Original WOD Book

Sport Journals | WODbook Classic - The Original WOD Book

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WODbook Classic

The original ‰ÛÒ and best selling WODbook ‰ÛÒ our Classic offers all the content features you have come to know and love in our journals. We have friends that have filled dozens of these, and line them up on a shelf like trophies. And very few of them get tired of reviewing the content ‰ÛÒ we all need to be reminded of where we‰۪ve come from. This book is most appropriate to folks who have completed an Intro course.

All WODBooks䋢 come standard with inside cover LB Max Rep Charts and LB > KG Conversion charts and an inside page of KG Max Rep Chart & KG > LB Conversion Chart.


68 pages of daily tracking included: The WODBook Classic can be bought with the Standard 2x2 layout (136 daily workouts), or configure it with a 4x4 Weekly style layout (34 weeks of daily tracking). For those of you tracking nutrition, consider buying the 1x1 Fueled Version (68 workouts).


  • What is CrossFit & What is Fitness Article, Virtuosity
  • Acronyms Guide
  • Goal Tracking
  • Nutrition guides, meal & shopping lists
  • Open, Regionals, & Games Workouts
  • ‰ÛÏGirls‰۝, ‰ÛÏHeroes‰۝, Other Benchmarks & Travel Workouts
  • Monostructural Tracking (Running & Rowing)
  • Movements Illustrations, Standards, & Tracking
  • Gymnastic Strength Progressions
  • Lb-Kg Conversion Chart, Wendler 531 & Hatch Tracking