Rehband | Knee Sleeve, RX Line Knee Support - 7mm

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  • Rehband | Knee Sleeve, RX Line Knee Support - 7mm

Rehband | Knee Sleeve, RX Line Knee Support - 7mm

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****Attention: Sold in Single Sleeves****

The Rehband Knee Sleeves are excellent for giving you additional support for your knees for movements such as squats, olympic weightlifting, or any other leg driven movement. Keeping your knee joints warm and giving added stability and blood flow through compression, they relieves pressure and improves co-ordination.

The 7mm Knee sleeves are meant for more support during heavier movements and weightlifting. 


  • Provides support and stability for any leg driven movement (squats, olympic lifts, etc)
  • Improves blood flow through compression and keeps knee joints warm
  • Reduces overall joint pressure, swelling, and strain
  • Neoprene flex material allows for a comfortable fit and prevents bunching up


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please consider most athletes prefer downsizing with their knee sleeves.

It is highly recommended to go at least one size below what the size chart suggests.

Colors / Options:

Black - 105406-03 - Strong support and anatomic fit. 

Camo - 105417 - Strong support and anatomic fit.

Black/Pink - 105434 - Strong support and anatomic fit.

Blue - 7084 - Blue Line Knee Support 7mm – for strong support.

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