LYFT-RX Flex Adhesive Weightlifting Tape - Black, 3-Pack


LYFT-RX Flex Adhesive Weightlifting Tape - Black, 3-Pack

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  • Proprietary blend of fabric and adhesive provides unmatched mobility and protection from rips, tears, calluses. Material is uniquely flexible and durable
  • Highest quality adhesive that stays on your skin during intense and sweaty workouts. Adhesive does not leave residue
  • Works great with your favorite gym, weightlifting, or gymnastics chalk. Uniquely textured material gives you an added grip on the bar, kettle bell, rope, barbell, rings and more
  • Non-slip material and weave have self-adhering properties. The tape sticks to itself, molding a custom fit around your fingers for stability and preferred compression
  • Breathable, Non-Allergenic and Latex-Free

Made for You- the CrossFitter, Olympic Lifter, Power Lifter and Gymnast. The LYFT-RX Tape is a TOUGH, FLEXIBLE, and ADHESIVE tape. Our Proprietary Blend of Fabric and Adhesive delivers the ultimate mobility and hand protection needed during the most intense lifting, pull-ups, gymnastics and kettle bell workouts. Use it to protect your thumb hook grips and fingers. Traditional athletic tape constricts the blood flow in your hands and restricts the natural movement of your fingers while KT tape is expensive and is not meant for gripping.

The LYFT-RX Tape is the newest tape in the CrossFit and Weightlifting world ready to revolutionize the way you tape up not only for your everyday grinding workouts but also during competition where it matters the most. We have done our research. Rigorously tested the product for you. Now it‰۪s time for you to experience the evolution.

How to Apply The LYFT-RX TAPE e-book included with your purchase! Check your inbox after completing your order!


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Used the product for the first time today, and I was super impressed with the quality of it! I taped my thumbs for since we were snatching, and I also had a blister on my pinkie that was still healing. The tape moves and contours to your fingers very well, yet it is super durable. I'm pretty sure I've found my favorite tape to lift from now on. You cannot go wrong with getting it, and you won't be disappointed. Unlike regular sports tape that's so stiff, this stuff feels like a glove and sticks to itself very well. Keep up the great work!

- Ismael Garcia

Not only did this tape survived Fran, Diane, and Grace. It doesn't bunch or slip and has protected my hands in gymnastics, oly, and power lifting.
Best tape on the market in my opinion and amazing customer service. Shipping was fast even to Oahu

- Aprill D. Orr

Glad I switched to LYFT-RX, stays on and is flexible and comfortable.

-Richard Akey

I have tried just about every tape available, and LYFT-RX is by far the best! It does not restrict thumb movement, is comfortable, and extremely protective.

-Amazon Customer

Second time buying the tape because it does what it's supposed to do. Flexible, holds up to hook grip, and lasts an entire Olympic training session

-M Gally

Love this product! It makes lifting so much sweeter!!!

-Joelvonne Kamaka

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