B3LV by Lindsey Valenzuela | "B3LV N15 Road To Regionals" Women's Tank - Size Large

  • B3LV by Lindsey Valenzuela | "B3LV N15 Road To Regionals" Women's Tank - Size Large

B3LV by Lindsey Valenzuela | "B3LV N15 Road To Regionals" Women's Tank - Size Large

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B3LV N15 Road To Regionals Women's Tank



My name is Lindsey Valenzuela and I have been an athlete all my life. As a child I participated in jazz dance, swam, and played volleyball. My main athletic focus turned to volleyball as I grew into my middle school and high school years. I was fortunate enough to carry my love for the sport of volleyball into a college career at California Lutheran University. It was as a college volleyball player that I discovered Olympic Weightlifting. I used the lifts as my offseason strength program during my college volleyball career. Although my college volleyball career eventually ended my passion to compete did not. The passion for competition led to my start as a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. It was also through Olympic Weightlifting that I stumbled upon the sport of CrossFit. I now use these two sports to satisfy my competitive spirit, and am very thankful for the opportunity to be an elite athlete in both. The motto I swear by is simple, BELIEVE!

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2nd place - 2014 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships
1st place - 2014 OC Throwdown
Team USA - 2013 CrossFit Inivitational
2nd place - 2013 Dubai Fitness Competition
2nd place - 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games
1st place - 2013 Reebok CrossFit Southern California Regionals
1st place - 2013 OC Throwdown
1st place - 2012 Outlaw Open Invitational
9th place - 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games
4th place - 2012 Reebok CrossFit Southern California Regionals
2nd place - 2012 OC Throwdown
2nd place - 2011-2012 Next Level Invitational Series
Competitor - 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games
2nd place - 2011 US Weightlifting Championships 75kg class
3rd place - 2011 CrossFit Southern Calfornia Regionals
3rd place - 2010 CrossFit/USAW Open 69kg class
1st place - 2010-2011 Next Level Invitational Series
1st place - 2010 American Record Makers Open 69kg class

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