Armaid | Forearm Therapy Massage Tool - Kit

Armaid | Forearm Therapy Massage Tool - Kit

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"It's miraculous... man that's REALLY evil!" - Kelly Starret

What is Armaid?

ArmiadArmaid is a breakthrough, self-administered, massage device. It is designed for people suffering from repetitive strain injuries (including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and tendonitis) to the forearm, wrist, hand and elbow who are willing to take action for their own health.

Armaid provides a deep tissue massage to the muscles and the other soft tissue of your upper limbs. Armaid opens up tight muscles, tendons and ligaments anywhere in your forearm and hand and allows you to help yourself when and where you need help. You simply sit in a chair and strap Armaid to your thigh. It's equipped with snap-in therapy rollers (hard balls for the forearm, soft balls for the wrist and hand) and supportive padding.

How to Use Armaid

Place your arm between the therapy balls and the padding ‰ÛÒ squeeze the lever with your other hand to apply pressure ‰ÛÒ and stroke your arm, wrist, hand or elbow. This flushes your tissues by increasing blood flow to the area and removes adhesions, allowing you to experience healing relief.

In the beginning, use Armaid for 2 to 3 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day. Most people experience results within minutes or hours of use. However, long-standing problems may take two to three weeks.

An independent clinical study concluded that people using Armaid experienced an 85% decrease in symptoms associated with their condition and 80% experienced an increase in strength, range of motion and ability to perform work.

The Convenience of Armaid

Armaid is shipped fully assembled and comes with a short video and manual that will walk you through the simple operating instructions.

Armaid is very light, and smaller than a tennis racket. It's easy to carry, so it lets you maintain arm and hand fitness wherever you are ‰ÛÒ at home, at the office, or on the road.

A Quick Tour of Armaid

Virtually all the muscles that make hand and grip movement possible are located in your forearm. Whenever you type on a computer, play a musical instrument or hold a hammer - anything you use your hands for, these are the muscles that do the work. These muscles are attached to bones by tendons at either end of your forearm, at the elbow and through the wrist into the hand and fingers. When your muscles become chronically tight, they pull on these attachments, causing

How long do I have to use Armaid before I can feel results?

Most people begin to have positive results starting within the first one or two days of use. If Armaid is going to work for you, you will have positive results within 3 weeks or less. The longer you‰۪ve had your repetitive strain problem, the longer it will take to resolve your symptoms.

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