Workout of the Day: Squat Clean & Toes to Bar

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Workout of the Day: Squat Clean & Toes to Bar

Squat Clean and Toes to Bar Workout

What is your workout out of the day?

“WOD” stands for Workout of the Day. This term was popularized by the CrossFit community to inform gym members what the workout will be for that day. What keeps CrossFit interesting is that everyday is a different set of movements, and it is exciting to find out what the workout will be. You don’t have to be a CrossFit enthusiast or an affiliate member to enjoy these movements. Visit our site to get gear that will help you succeed in your fitness journey. Listed in this blog is a series of workouts for you to enjoy anywhere. So, get out there and WOD it up!



Workout of the Day

WOD For time: 10 rounds total

Squat clean: round one is 10 reps, then each round do one less rep (descending order), ending the final round with 1 rep (barbell weights: males 135lbs/ females 95lbs)

Toes to Bar: round one is only 1 rep, then add one more rep to each round (ascending order), ending the final round with 10 reps



Squat clean:

*Phase I: 1st & 2nd Pulls

Start with your knees slightly bent, while gripping the barbell about an inch in front of your shins. Keep the barbell close to your body as possible on the pull. With your head looking straight forward, extend your body vertically using your hips to pull the barbell up to the hang clean position using your trapezius muscle in the shoulders and thighs as your guiding leverage point. This is the First Pull of the squat clean. With the barbell thigh high, violently EXPLODE upward through your hips, push your chest out, and shrug your shoulders with as much force as possible to pull the barbell up to a racked position. This is the Second Pull of the squat clean.

*Phase II: Accelerating Under Bar

As the barbell continues its vertical ascent, you must now prepare to transition your body into a squat once you have racked the bar properly across your shoulders. Now STOMP your feet with as much force as possible, which will in essence ‘pull you under the bar.’ Then, throw your elbows up and out so they are parallel with the floor. You will catch the barbell so it rests across your clavicles. This is the Catch Phase of the squat clean.

*Phase III: Transitioning to Squat

As you drive your feet into the floor and pull yourself under the bar, you must simultaneously dip your body into a fully bottomed-out front squat. It’s very important that you are in control of the weight and your center of gravity is directly below the barbell. Then, explode up through the bar into a vertical position. With your body in the vertical standing position, bar racked across your shoulders, drop your hips and lower the barbell back into a Hang Clean starting position and repeat the exercise from the hang clean stance.

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**Toes to bar:

Grab the bar and place your hands so that they are just slightly wider than shoulder width. Make sure your fingers and thumbs wrap around the bar for a secure grip. Engage your core by squeezing your abdominal muscles and buttocks. Your body should be flexible but fairly rigid. Swing your legs up to meet the bar. Lean back a little while lifting both legs simultaneously straight forward and up. Continue lifting your legs until your toes touch the bar. Swing your legs at the hip. Your hips should do the majority of the work, and your shoulders should move very little, if at all. Drop your legs back down gradually into their resting position.

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Gear to help you in this workout:

Wrist Wraps for Squat Clean

Knee Support Sleeves for Squat Clean


Disclaimer: If this is your first time doing any of the movements listed, please consult with a professional or certified CrossFit or fitness coach prior to attempting. It is important to make sure technique is adequate to avoid injury. We do not follow a particular workout program, but simply just love working out.


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