Workout of the Day: Overhead Squats & Burpees

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Workout of the Day: Overhead Squats & Burpees

What is your workout out of the day?

“WOD” stands for Workout of the Day. This term was popularized by the CrossFit community to inform gym members what the workout will be for that day. What keeps CrossFit interesting is that everyday is a different set of movements, and it is exciting to find out what the workout will be. You don’t have to be a CrossFit enthusiast or an affiliate member to enjoy these movements. Visit our site WODshop to get gear that will help you succeed in your fitness journey. Listed in this blog is a series of workouts for you to enjoy anywhere. So, get out there and WOD it up!

Workout Overhead Squats Burpees


3 Rounds for time: 21-15- 9 reps of

Over head squats (using a barbell weight for males 95lbs/ females 65lbs)



The first round is for 21 reps of both overhead squats and then burpees. The second round consists of 15 reps of overhead squats and burpees, and finally the third round is 9 reps of again both overhead squats and burpees. Record your time after you complete all 3 rounds. The weights listed are standard suggestions, however, use a weight that you are comfortable with and are able to complete the workout to its entirety.

Overhead squats: The barbell should be held completely overhead using both arms to stabilize the weight. As you squat, keep in mind that hamstrings and/or your bottom should be slightly below parallel of your knees. From a side view, the barbell should be aligned with your posterior chain including your hips and heels.


Burpees: Start with a pushup with your chest touching the ground. Pushing yourself up, then spring into a low squat position. Jump into the air with both feet elevated off the ground, while your hands clap above your head.


The right tools to get you through this WOD:

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If this is your first time doing any of the movements listed, please consult with a professional or certified CrossFit or fitness coach prior to attempting. It is important to make sure technique is adequate to avoid injury. We do not follow a particular workout program, but simply just love working out.

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