Women and CrossFit: 5 Myths to Dispel

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Women and CrossFit: 5 Myths to Dispel

It’s time to clear up some myths about CrossFit that keep many of you women at bay. Listen up ladies; CrossFit isn’t just for muscle head guys! Women across the country are getting rather familiar with huge barbells, gymnastic rings, and climbing ropes. Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program utilizing cardio and weight lifting techniques for a well-rounded fitness regime. You don’t just look great in the process, you FEEL great in the process. Who doesn’t want that?

There’s Beauty In Strength

Let’s Attack Those Fears Holding You Back

Myth 1: Working out takes a lot of time

This is FALSE with CrossFit. Hear me when I say this, Crossfit doesn’t take a lot of time. Most CrossFit workouts (or Workouts Of the Day – WODs) are designed for speed. You perform movements and lifts for a certain number of sets. The quicker you do them, the quicker you are done. You’ve probably tricked yourself into believing that gym workouts need to be hours long and filled with machine workouts. That’s where CrossFit differs. By performing the rapid and intense movements, you’re knocking out your cardio and strength training simultaneously.

Myth 2: CrossFit will bulk me up

Women often express fears of bulking up and looking too masculine. The association of weight lifting leading to bulky muscle is a common fear. But it is FALSE. Bulking up actually has more to do with your genetics and diet. Generally, females don’t naturally produce enough testosterone to get big. So unless you’re taking steroids, this myth does not apply to you.

You will however, probably gain some weight when you first start because muscle weighs more than fat. But don’t let that deter you. Throw out the scale and measure your success in inches and strength.

Myth 3: I’ll get bored

If you’re only out to get “skinny”, yeah… you’ve probably gotten bored from your previous workouts pretty quickly. If you’re looking to get fit however, then CrossFit is anything but boring! But to be fair, Even if you are just looking to lose a few pounds, be warned that CrossFit has the tendency of turning people into athletes. Because the workouts are scalable and varied, you’re doing something different everyday. CrossFit is fun and different, and people tend to like having fun. So, this myth is FALSE.

Myth 4: I won’t be able to keep up

Did I mention that all the WODs are scalable? As in, scaled to fit your fitness level. Scaling a WOD means adjusting the prescribed weight or move to accommodate your skill level and strength. So you can’t do a handstand push-up (yet), instead try doing regular push-ups. Pull-ups could be done with band assistance or with rings instead. These tweaks are minor but will still deliver great results.

Myth 5: CrossFit locations are hard to get to

Big ol’ FALSE! With over 6,000 CrossFit affiliated gyms in the USA alone, you’re very likely to find one in your neighborhood. Still too difficult? You can also workout on your own! Manage your WODs by yourself. The CrossFit community is always posting tips and workout ideas too so information is right at your fingertips. So what are you waiting for?  Get started today and show the world what girls are really made out of! 

Go to www.crossfit.com for additional information on how to get started.




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