Weightlifting Heavy Causing You Back Pain?

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Weightlifting Heavy Causing You Back Pain?

Weightlifting heavy?

You need to know about Unbroken Designs and how their weightlifting belts support your back and abdomen, by helping stabilize your entire midsection. Whether you are lifting a barbell, a couch, or doing tire flips; protecting your core is important. These belts even relieve stress from your lower back! Seriously, who wants back pain?!

Many athletic coaches believe that using a weightlifting belt is a crutch that can lead to reduced strength of the core and lower back muscles. The general population think that weightlifting belts act like a brace to support your torso so your core muscles don’t have to work as hard. This is not entirely true. In reality, weightlifting belts can actually help you increase the use of the abdominal and lower back muscles more efficiently and safely. The best weightlifters in the world use a belt while training to protect themselves, why shouldn’t you too?


Physical movements like flipping tires without a belt can create stress on your lower back muscles


Want a belt that is easily adjustable?

The velcro strap belts make for easy adjustment mid-workout for tightening during strength portions, and loosening for those heavy breathing movements. As seen on CrossFit athletes Lauren Brooks, Danielle Lee, Leah West, and Dave Driskell.


Unbroken Designs | Speed Demon – 4″ Velcro Weightlifting Belt


Want more comfort while lifting? 

The memory foam padded belts add support to your back and abdomen, and offers extra comfort with foam cushioning and neoprene interior. Secure it snugly around your waist with a dual-pronged steel buckle. As seen on CrossFit athletes Wayne Willette, Dave Driskell, and American Record holder Olympic Weightlifter Derrick Johnson.


Unbroken Designs | Barbell Club 4″ Leather Weightlifting Belt


Want to win Gold in your next fitness competition?

Get the Games Gold Leather Belt. Not only are these belts functional, but you will look real good wearing them too!

Unbroken Designs | The Games Gold 6″ Leather Weightlifting Belt

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