Top 5 Secret Benefits of CrossFit Training

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Top 5 Secret Benefits of CrossFit Training

Bet you already know that CrossFit has many significant benefits.  Just to name a few: increased fitness, visible results, and time saving workouts.  

But oh, there’s so much more! Read on to discover the secret benefits of CrossFit training that rarely gets an honorable mention.

So How Does CrossFit Training Benefit You?

Sense of Empowerment

CrossFit is an extremely empowering experience for anyone looking to get into shape. In the process, you quickly discover your inner athlete. You’re physically altering your body with the development of new muscles and increased overall fitness. You’re stronger, healthier, and capable of anything (mentally and physically). Talk about empowering! So go on with your bad self and CrossFit like a champ.

Sense of Community

Often times, when you go to your local gym for a workout, you silently go through the motions, moving from machine to machine. At a CrossFit box, it’s a community.  It’s family.  There are no machines and no isolation.  Exercises are done via group workouts and everyone encourages one another to push through boundaries.  High-fives run rampant here!

Everyone is striving towards the same goals. Because of that, there is a deep sense of teamwork and camaraderie. It is also important to note that the camaraderie can be found online too.  The CrossFit community provides tons of social support online through forums, event calendars, and blogs. The community provides useful information, instruction, news and encouragement for CrossFitters of all levels.

Surprisingly Affordable

Gyms cost money.  Classes cost money.  Personal Training costs money.  See the pattern here?  For the fitness “baller on a budget”, CrossFit is a far more affordable solution since this program does not rely on costly exercise equipment.  If you can’t afford to go to a CrossFit box, try doing your WODs on your own. You can go online and manage your WODs by yourself.  You can buy your own CrossFit Gear online too.  You can lean on the CrossFit community for information, tips, and instructions.  As long as you have the will, CrossFit has the way.

It Makes You, a Better You

So you’re CrossFitting to get fit.


Just know that on your destination to ultra fit land, you’re bound to pick up some pretty cool character improvements along the way. For one, your self-confidence will jump through the roof!  Doing physical and mental feats that you never dreamed possible before, and here you are… doing it!  You’re pushing through boundaries. You’re strong, capable and confident.

On the other end of the spectrum, you also gain a great sense of humility with CrossFit training.  You are learning and improving constantly . But until you get to the “I did it!” part, there are struggles and hurdles that must be conquered.  Sometimes you will stumble and maybe not reach your desired goal.  But that’s ok.  You’re gaining humility and perseverance. 

Sounds like some awesome character traits to have, don’t you think?

Ideal For Those Suffering From Workout ADD

Working out can get boring.  Doing the same thing over and over can only last you for so long.  Before you know it, you’re off to the next thing, until that bores you and then it’s time to start the cycle over.

Just quit it already!

CrossFit is NEVER boring. You do a totally different WOD everyday and there aren’t boring machines to mindlessly hop onto (rowers excluded).  Each workout is engaging and requires your attention.  So you’re focused and willfully trying.

So now you know! CrossFit has many more benefits than you may have originally thought.

Now that the secret’s out, be sure to share with your community.  Friends who care, share… unknown benefits of CrossFit training! 


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