The Future of CrossFit

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The Future of CrossFit

It’s a great year to be a teenager in the CrossFit community! Not only was there a separate division specifically for teens in this year’s open, but the top 40 out of 3,400 teens were invited to compete at the CrossFit Games in Carson, California.The future of Crossfit definitely made a presence this year. Three specific teens were especially excited when they heard the news and pushed even harder to make sure they earned their spots. Alli Parks, Davis Combs, and Julianna Hasselbach are three inspirational teens that you want to keep an eye on as they make a name for themselves in the world of CrossFit.



Alli Parks, CrossFit Games 2015


I had the honors of meeting Alli Parks, a 16 year old games competitor, who finished with three 1st place finishes in the open and ended with an 8th place finish at the CrossFit Games. A young teen athlete who started off with a history of breaking more than 20 bones throughout her life wanted to find a way to keep that from happening any longer.. “I started CrossFit to help me gain muscle so I wouldn’t break myself anymore…and it helped!”  Little did she know she would be named among the top 10 Fittest teens in the world with so much more left inside her. For Alli, it’s all about training mentally as much as physically. “Of course I have times I want a break, but I think about why I am doing what I do, and I keep going…for me it is about mentally needing a break.” No doubt, the CrossFit Games pushes athletes beyond a point that seems nearly impossible, that is, until they are amongst the motivating crowds and supporting community. Alli has found her way to stay mentally tough through writing 5 positive things that happen each day! I think we all can learn a thing or two from this young competitor in finding the things we should be thankful for daily. Alli left this year’s CrossFit Games with a burning fire to come back even stronger next year. “I stay motivated because I want to be the best!” Keep your eye on this young teen athlete.



David Combs, CrossFit Games 2015

Davis Combs, a 17-year-old from North Carolina, had first heard he was going to the CrossFit Games while on vacation in Puerto Rico. Speechless and overjoyed, Davis started game planning right away. In a matter of a couple months he put on 15 pounds in order to prepare himself for all the challenging events ahead. He knew his strength would be his strong point going into the competition and took advantage of that. With an athletic background, he already knew the physical and mental toll it would take on on his body, but that did not stop him from taking his training to the next level. CrossFit started off as only a way to keep in shape between soccer seasons, but led to an intense passion he has yet to find for any other sport. “What motivates me to train as hard as I do is the fact that CrossFit is really something that you see progression in. I love how I can track how (or if) I am getting better!” With also an 8th place finish, he has proven himself as a teen to watch for upcoming seasons. “I know I am going to push as hard as I can and use every ounce of energy I have to compete and try to win!”



Julianna Hasselbach, CrossFit Games 2015 – Photo by Rob Wilson


Julianna Hasselbach, a 9th place finisher in this year’s CrossFit Games, started her journey at the young age of only 12! Inspired by her mother, a marathon runner and CrossFitter, she also wanted to join the CrossFit community. Julianna had no clue that competing would even possible for her at this age, but as the heart of an athlete runs in the family, she continued to work hard. When she first started off, her goals consisted of unassisted pull ups and push ups. 4 years later, she is competing against the fittest teens in the world and is training to make the youth Pan Am team in Olympic Weightlifting. “Through CrossFit I have learned to dream bigger. When you can dream it, you can do it!” The doors have opened for Julianna as a teen athlete, and just as her dreams are growing bigger, so are her snap chats with other fellow competitors! She feels blessed to be able to connect and make so many friends around the world to help support her and push her as a CrossFit games athlete. She hopes to continue on conquering all her weaknesses and we have full faith she will!

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