Taste of Paleo – Top 5 Paleo Tips

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Taste of Paleo – Top 5 Paleo Tips

Taste of Paleo – Top 5 Paleo Tips

1. Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

First, people need to understand that fat does not make you fat. We need to get over this whole low-fat, non-fat thang. Media has impressed this notion into our brain that fat will make you fat, which couldn’t be further from the truth! When something is made low- or non-fat, all that’s really happening is that your food is being processed to removed the fat, only to be replaced with something else (some form of sugar, or sugar wanna-be) so that it tastes good. And what happens to that sugar (or sugar wanna-be) once our bodies process it? You guessed it! It turns to FAT.

2. Drink. More. Water.

To the point where you have to go to the bathroom every few hours. Yes, it’s a pain in the derrière to go more frequently, but your body needs it! Water is essential to our health, helps you to flush toxins out of your body, and can actually help you lose a little weight. Did you know that our brains trick us to think we’re hungry when we are truly just thirsty?

3. Just Go Organic

Yes, I know it’s more expensive to purchase organic products, but have you priced cancer recently? If your wallet is shocked with the price of all things organic, just start small. Keep in mind that anything with an outer layer that you peel away (bananas, oranges) or stinky things such as garlic and onions (the bugs don’t like them, so they therefore do not need any pesticides) is ok to purchase as non-organic.

4. Take Baby Steps

Trying to go paleo can be VERY overwhelming. Like thoughts of “OMG what can I really eat for my next meal?!?” overwhelming. Take small steps, like focusing your lunch or dinner as being your one paleo meal of the day, and increase from there. Because one paleo meal a day is at least 33% more paleo than not eating paleo at all!

5. Live a Little

You don’t have to deprive yourself of delicious, nostalgic food. Get online and find recipes that will replace your pizza craving (trust me, I’ve made one from cauliflower that even my husband loves!). Or you can just head out to Taste of Paleo on September 27, 2014 and be inspired by all the paleo chefs serving their mouth-watering creations for you. Besides paleo chefs, we’ll have other vendors and guest speakers discussing the Paleo lifestyle.

Check out www.tasteofpaleo.com for more information.

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