Importance of the Right Gym Clothes – The Best Athletic Apparel

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Importance of the Right Gym Clothes – The Best Athletic Apparel

What is the best athletic apparel for your workout?

When it comes to working out, motivation plays a big part in your success, especially with the best athletic apparel. Know that the importance of the right gym clothes also matters. I’m not talking about fitness brand names, but the best types of athletic apparel to wear. Baggy sweats and 100% cotton T-shirts may be comfy, yet they can also damage your body. The right type of workout clothes, on the other hand, wick away sweat, display movements clearly, and protect sensitive skin.

Better fitting clothes, for better exercise movements:

Back in the day oversized shirts and sweats were the norm at the gym. Today, the modern gyms call for a more fitting athletic apparel. In certain types of workouts like yoga, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics; these movements require tighter clothes, to give the instructors a better idea of your posture and form. An instructor can give you useful cues or tips on how to improve your movements, which in turn, makes you a greater athlete. If you’re in front of a mirror, you can see yourself doing the movements correctly or not.

Let’s say you’re doing a basic squat. The best athletic apparel to wear are those that will conform to your body without restrictions. You don’t want to worry about your pants or shorts riding up, falling down, or preventing your body from getting into full squat position. An athletic coach mentions, “If your gym clothes don’t fit, you can’t see how your body is moving,” he says. “Aim for peak visibility with shorts that hit about 2 inches above the knee and shirts that have no more than 2 to 3 inches of slack around the waist.” For men, check out Vull Sport’s Men’s workout shorts with mesh side panels for easy ventilation and lined inner to keep them “gains” in place. High impact fabric for hours of secure and confident wear.


Vull Sport | Men’s Competitor Shorts Black Athletic Apparel


Importantly, the proper gym attire is about safety:

Long, baggy pants can catch on exercise equipment like stationary bikes, where loose clothing can get stuck on the pedals or even the wheels. Tripping on longer pants can cause injury, especially when you feel pressure during a timed workout. I’ve seen this happen to someone during box jumps, ouch! Your best options for most movements are capris, slim-fitting tapered pants or conforming shorts. Check out WOD Gear’s athletic apparel capris that have breathable fabric to not over heat and be sweat mark free. Plus, they have an awesome “Anti-Camel technology”.


WOD Gear | Women’s Crop Pants – Black/Grey Athletic Apparel


Protect your sensitive skin from sweat:

Look for athletic apparel that are made from performance sweat wicking materials to help keep you cool and dry at the gym. Slim fitting athletic apparel won’t rub and irritate your skin as easily as loose clothing. Especially during longer workouts like running, where chaffing can be a problem. Check out Born Primitive’s Men’s Performance Cut T-shirts with tri-blend fabric (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) to wick away sweat faster and for comfort. These shirts are tailored to fit the body’s “V shape” by having custom stitching that tapers down across the outside of the abdomen (as opposed to running along the sides of the body like conventional shirts).


Born Primitive | “Brand PR” Performance Cut Blue Athletic Apparel


Now ladies… let’s have a serious conversation here:

How happy are you with your sport bras? Purchasing a well-fitting sports bra can mean the difference between a solid workout and a painful experience.

A spin class instructor mentions, “I had a woman in one of my spin classes who was rather busty,” she says. “Her sports bra didn’t fit, and riding the bike was causing her breasts to spill out all over the place. It was very distracting to everyone in the class—including me!”

If needed look for cleavage-proof tanks and sport bras that have a higher neckline that is still stylish yet limits indecent exposure. Check out Vull Sport high impact sports bra with a razor back design and high neckline.


Vull Sport | Double Dip Sports Bra Athletic Apparel


A CrossFit instructor mentions, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women knock themselves in the chest with a barbell during a snatch or clean just because they weren’t wearing the correct supportive bra.”

Jump roping movements like double-unders can cause some women to be in pain afterwards without a sports bra with enough reinforcement. Check out Born Primitive’s Vitality Bras with custom nylon/lycra fabric blend allows this bra to move with you during your toughest workouts, all while bringing fashion and style right along with it! They also come with removable pad inserts for maximum support.


Born Primitive | Vitality Sports Bra – Pink Splash Athletic Apparel


How does WODshop choose the right fitness brands?

At WODshop we don’t just choose any brand of athletic apparel. We choose quality products and whose companies make a difference in our community. What makes these companies amazing? Read below:

WOD Gear:

“Our clothing is 100% made in Los Angeles, CA. We pride ourselves in making our apparel in the USA and bringing jobs back to America. WOD Gear exists to build ‘the peoples brand’ that support our customer’s workout way of life. We want to make a positive impact within the CrossFit Community and make a global difference.”

Born Primitive:

“Let’s face it. Our generation has gotten soft. Too many people in modern society just want entitlements, quick thrills and instant gratification, without wanting to put in the hard work that we all know is necessary for anything truly worthwhile. Born Primitive was created for the modern savages out there who reject this notion and refuse to accept the mediocrity that society now fosters. Whether it’s at the gym or in life, our beliefs are simple. Set goals, relentlessly strive to achieve them, and never make excuses. Look people in the eye and give them a firm handshake. Your word is your bond. Throw your conventional limits out the window and realize your true potential. Born Primitive is owned and operated by an active duty military family.  Additionally, active duty military members and active duty spouses make up 100% of the employee staff.”

Vull Sport:

“We saw a need to cut out the questions and wondering. Will that zipper fall down while I’m running? What about side-boob while I’m doing pull ups? If I can’t stop until the clock runs out and the shoulder strap comes unlatched, what do I do? With Vull, there are no questions to ask. These clothes were made to get you into the best shape of your life – get dirty, run hard, sweat more than you ever thought possible. Vull is ready for absolutely anything your coach throws at you.”



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