Chyna Cho and Freddy Camacho; The Unstoppable Couple

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Chyna Cho and Freddy Camacho; The Unstoppable Couple

What do you get when you put a former Division 1 swimmer athlete and a sergeant/ SWAT operator together? A triple threat! Not only are Chyna Cho and Freddy Camacho both of these things, they are also 2015 CrossFit Games athletes! Let me tell you right now, their relationship is bad ass! After years of having opposite schedules, they have both trained day in and day out, and are now headed to the Games together!

     Freddy Camacho, a Masters Division athlete, started CrossFit in 2006 and since then has had 5 trips to the Games with his previously owned gym, CrossFit Oneworld. Today, he programs for CrossFit of Fremont alongside his Fiancé Chyna Cho. “The love of CrossFit is not enough. You got to do fucking work!”, says Freddy when it comes to running a gym. With a full time job and training for the games, he feels overly blessed to have Chyna by his side and his family’s support for the first time in the seats this year at the games.

       Chyna Cho started CrossFit to help with her rehab after going through 3 knee surgeries while swimming at San Jose State. After being told she was not going to be able to reach a 90 degree bend in her knee, Chyna took that competitive fire inside her and proved every one wrong! Her first trip to the games was in 2010 where she placed 14th. Since then she has made it to regionals in 2011, 2012, and 2013 barely missing the window for her return to the Games. Chyna knew something needed to change in her training. She gained a new training partner, Neal Maddox, and took her coaches advice of mentally preparing by physically posting her goals all over her home. Between these two, Chyna’s mental toughness as an individual athlete became stronger and more focused. She knew just wanting to make it was not enough. Through talking to herself through workouts and being pushed more than she has ever been with Neal Maddox, she grabbed a very deserving spot at this years CrossFit Games!

      Freddy and Chyna may be individual athletes, but off the job there is nothing individual about them. When it comes to life at home they “balance each other out”. With Freddy’s demanding schedule at Union City Police Department, Chyna happily takes care of everything at home. So what would you say is their secret to making it to the Games? Having each other by their side and spending all their down time resting on their brand new couch to recover from training. With an unstoppable force, these two are bound to leave a print at the 2015 CrossFit Games!


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