Charis Chan and Her 15.3 CrossFit Open Strategy

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Charis Chan and Her 15.3 CrossFit Open Strategy

A bronze medalist for the 2014 American Open, a qualifier for the 2015 CrossFit California Regional, and now a member of the NPGL Miami Surge. This inspiring athlete has worked very hard for what she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. Her dedication to endless hours at the gym has recently excelled her capabilities as an athlete. Watch as she hones in on her strengths and finely tunes her approach for a better score on 15.3. Any athlete can benefit from watching Charis Chan and her 15.3 Crossfit Open Strategy. It shows how simple adjustments can drastically improve your movement, endurance, and strength within the workout.


About Charis Chan

 Charis grew up with two older brothers who were constantly playing and watching sports. She did everything they did and then some: she started playing soccer, gymnastics, ballet, ice skating, basketball, track and field, cross country, swimming, and volleyball. She played soccer through high school and track and field through college. After college, she took a break from doing anything competitively until she found CrossFit in 2012. She first saw it on ESPN in 2011 and thought to herself “I can do that!”. “My first few weeks of CrossFit were PAINFUL! was so sore I couldn’t walk, sit or sleep”, said Charis. She loved how challenging it was and how she had to learn new things everyday. She received her Level 1 certification and did her first individual competition about a year into CrossFit. Once she started coaching she never looked back on where her career has gone. Charis stated, “I love coaching and being out on the competition floor, it is so exhilarating and rewarding”.

How was your experience with this year’s open physically and mentally?

This year I was physically and mentally prepared a lot better than last year. I would stress a lot over what was going to be announced and how I would do. This year I decided to not download the CrossFit Games app because it was such a distraction, it definitely helped focus my attention on me and not what other people around me were doing. Okay okay I gave in and downloaded it the last week haha. I felt a lot stronger and felt more comfortable with all the movements this year compared to last year, I focused a lot on my weaknesses this year: wall balls, chest to bar.

Do you have a strategy for how you will train for the upcoming super regional?

I’ve been following a CrossFit program through Invictus and working with an Olympic Weightlifting coach. I follow my weightlifting gym’s program (Max’s Gym) 4 mornings out of the week, and finish the day with 1-3 Metcons.

Currently I am training 5 days a week (all double days), 1 swim day, and one full rest day. I’ve been working on high level gymnastics movements everyday and keeping a priority on working my weaknesses so that there are no holes in my training. My main goal is to stay healthy by being smart with my training and being diligent with taking care of my body.

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