Box Spotlight: OCCF – Orange Coast CrossFit in Costa Mesa, CA

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Box Spotlight: OCCF – Orange Coast CrossFit in Costa Mesa, CA

Gym Owners of OCCF, Kenny Leverich and Kyle Kell, have been long time friends from their high school skating days.  Leverich started CrossFit to rehab his LCL injury, while Kell was fresh out of the Marine Corp and searched for something to challenge himself. Kenny States, “If there is one thing in your life that you can control it is your fitness. So why not take it full force.”

While Kenny and Kyle have only owned the gym for a year, Orange Coast CrossFit was one of the first gyms in Costa Mesa and is considered one of the most prestigious gyms in Orange County.  Previous owner Justin Flynn had helped start a lot of trends in the crossfit scene, including the famous Southern California competition called the OC Throwdown.

The transition of ownership was nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions. When first setting up the gym, these two new owners were short on cash, but wanted to put a lot of effort into the look and feel of their gym. Kenny whipped out his Pinterest and they went to town on DIY (do it yourself) projects.  After long hours spent collecting a bunch of pallets and watching DIY videos, all their hard work paid off with a stunning pallet wall that has become a symbol of OCCF.

“This wall is a good description of OCCF. It’s not exactly perfect, but it’s flaws and characteristics make it unique.” – Kenny Leverich

One year later, the gym is running very smoothly and it’s community is closer than ever. “We are really excited to see not only us as gym owners progress and gain knowledge, but to see our members grow with us is really cool”, said Leverich.

We asked Kyle: Why should someone join occf?

  • We are able to transform any workout based off of your athletic ability. People hear about our gym as being very competitive. Yes, that’s what we are known for, but at the same time having the experience we do we are able to welcome athletes that have never touched a barbell.
  • Our X-Diesel classes are exclusive to OCCF. This class targets the stay at home moms and offers a hybrid CrossFit class where the weights are light and the instensity is high.
  • Our level of coaching is hard to find. We strive to make sure every member is doing things correctly and learning movements properly before they move onto regular classes.

We asked Kenny: If you were traveling, what gear would you take with you?

For travel wise, I would take a jump rope. I think a jump rope is definitely a nice piece of equipment that you can utilize whether you are at a gym or on the side of the road. There will always be a place where you can use a jump rope and it is a great aerobic workout.

If you are in Orange County, Make sure to drop by OCCF and give Kenny and Kyle a visit!


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