Benefits of Using Olys

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Benefits of Using Olys

Perfecting form and technique during Olympic lifts are important for two reasons: increased chances for setting a PR, and better quality lifts for high rep workouts.  For heavy lifting in particular, Olympic lifting shoes are so beneficial! We all know that just a slight change in positioning can mess up an entire lift. Here are some reasons why these shoes can improve your lifting gains!

Hard, Flat Sole

This is important in maximizing your power. Most cross training shoes have a cushioned sole for more comfort. During lifts, that cushion actually absorbs some of your force, which will decrease the strength of your squat or pull.

Elevated heel

This slight lift will make a world of difference in your positioning! The elevation allows you to sit deeper into your hips all while keeping your chest up.  It gives the knees ability to be pushed out further and the ankles more flexibility.


The straps on Olympic shoes are not just a fashion statement! The tight fit of these shoes allow for more stability during your lift. Since such a great amount of power is exerted in such little time, it is important to have the shoe as tight as possible. This minimizes any movement of the foot within the shoe, which can result in decreased force.

These are few of the great benefits that Olympic lifting shoes have to offer. Better posture means better hip activation, which leads to more force exerted on the pull, which leads to a successful lift! The slight change in positioning can make a huge difference for lifts that you have been struggling with. If you are still curious you should give Olys a try!


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