9 Reasons to LOVE Burpees

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9 Reasons to LOVE Burpees

We have all experienced it, the love/hate relationship toward the good old burpee. Despite the physical and mental fatigue, the benefits of burpees far outweigh its challenges. Here are nine reasons to ditch that Buck Furpees” mentality!

1. Plain and Simple

It doesn’t take a professional athlete to learn a burpee. This movement is simple, straightforward and does not take a lot of skill. One of the greatest things about them is that they will always remain a challenging workout for the beginning and  experienced athlete.

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2. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

No matter how tired or drained you may be during a workout, you can always manage to pick yourself up of the floor and flop back down again. Movements like box jumps or toes to bars require skill, thought and some explosive energy. Burpees on the other hand, can be a continuous movement, no matter how fast or slow you are going.

3. Functional Gains

Burpees are the definition of functional fitness. It’s simple; do them often, and you will get stronger. Not only will you see improvement in your workouts, but you will also find everyday tasks like carrying groceries from the car become a challenge of the past.

4. Add Them to Any Workout

Burpees are sure to take your workout from intense to insane. This heart pumping movement adds even more of a burn to any workout. Whether your WOD incorporates lifting, cardio or gymnastics, throwing in burpees are a great way to add challenge to the chain of movements you are about to dominate.

5. No Equipment Required

Have you ever been on a beach or in the middle of a hike and thought; man, I wish I could snatch right now! Unfortunately, this movement requires equipment that is hard to take just about anywhere. Burpees require no equipment whatsoever, just you and your motivation. This factor makes burpees the ultimate travel workout.

6. Full Body Workout

Who doesn’t love a movement that strengthens every major muscle group? Legs, arms, abs, you name it! This is why burpees are such a challenge. The repetition of a full body movement is going to make every part of your body burn, including your heart!

7. Boost Endurance

Want a sure way to get fit quick? This is a movement that will make you stronger and faster in any workout. There is a reason why several different sports all incorporate burpees into their training. Stick to burpees, and you will see your endurance skyrocket!

8. Weightloss

Burpees burn major calories. Research shows that high intensity movements burns 50% more fat than conventional cardio. It is also great for improving your metabolism. This explosive repetition will leave your body burning calories all day!

9. Endless Variations

Alright, so now you all love burpees, right? One last great factor about this movement is the endless amount of variations you can create. Burpee pull ups, box overs, or bar facing additions are all great examples of getting fancy with your burpee workouts.



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