8 Signs You Drank the CrossFit Kool Aid

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8 Signs You Drank the CrossFit Kool Aid

If you are a part of the CrossFit community, chances are you might be a bit obsessed. But who is to say you’ve surpassed the level of what a regular gym member would consider normal? If you can relate to several aspects that are listed below, you have officially diagnosed yourself a “CrossFitter”! Here are 8 signs that you drank the CrossFit Kool Aid.

1. You find yourself using hook grip everywhere

Whether it’s on the steering wheel or carrying a gallon of milk from the car, suddenly you feel like you can take on the world while utilizing this grip.

2. Your hands become a trophy

If you don’t have some sort of callus, tear or rip on your hands then you must not be staying on that bar long enough! You know it’s bad when you catch yourself comparing calluses with your other CrossFit buddies!

3. Everything becomes a workout

Ranging from max number of grocery bags carried into the house, to a friendly wager at work on max distance handstand walks. CrossFit has made life a competition, pushing your boundaries and comfort zones. Who knew functional fitness could be so much fun?

4. Box talk becomes dirty to the outsiders

You’re out for lunch with your CrossFit buddies and the conversation of your max snatch or clean and jerk becomes the topic. The table behind you has no idea what to think. There are appalled at the inappropriate table conversation and to top it off you have no idea because box talk has become your second language.

5. Handstands become regular

When you’re on vacation or out with your friends, it’s almost guaranteed that a handstand picture will be taken.

6. The athletes who finish last are the most cheered for

The community rallies around those who are working their hardest to complete the workout. It doesn’t matter if you went Rx’d, or even went lighter than the scaled version. Everyone is there cheering you on to make sure you give it your all! The encouragement is what makes the community so great.

7. When missing a workout seems like the end of the world

Most of us have undoubtedly skipped on plans with friends or family to get our workouts in. Some call it obsessed, but we just can’t seem to shake the CrossFit fever.

8. You become really defensive about CrossFit

Just like everything else, CrossFit seems to draw negative crowds. When you hear outsiders speaking incorrectly of the sport, you’re the first to take a stand for what you love.

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