7 Fitness Accessories to Become a Better Athlete

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7 Fitness Accessories to Become a Better Athlete

We are half way through 2015. How are your fitness goals coming along? If you are slowly losing motivation as time goes by, don’t! Transforming your body takes time and is guaranteed to happen if you remain dedicated and focused. I will tell you right now, the only way to become a better athlete is to stay consistent with your training, day in and day out. Yet often times there are certain uncontrollable factors that can hinder your training. In order to maximize your potential in the gym, you want to minimize incidences like rips, tears and injuries. Here is a list of the 7 fitness accessories that can help you become a better athlete!


1. JAW Pull-up Hand Grips

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Often times, gruesome rips on your hands can interfere with certain training methods. JAW Pull-up Hand Grips will allow you to jump on the bar and knock out several reps with out shredding your hands to pieces. The wrist strap is also designed to move with the reflexes of the wrist, making it comfortable enough to keep on for an entire workout. Even if you form blisters, these grips will provide protection that will leave you doing pull-ups for days!


2. Rehband Knee Sleeves

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With daily high-intensity training, our bodies are more likely to be exposed to injury. Rehband Knee Sleeves provide amazing support and stability for any leg driven movement. Keeping your knees compressed and warm will increase your blood flow in and around your knee joints. Plus, there are a bunch of stylish colors!


3. Strength Wraps

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Speaking of protection, the wrist is a very sensitive joint that needs to be taken care of! Strength Wraps tighten down to provide stability for your wrist joints and also allow for full range of motion. These effective wraps are specifically designed for CrossFit, strength training and calisthenics, to name a few!


4. RokForm Mountable Phone Cases

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Now this may just seem like a cool accessory to show off at the gym, but these cases are actually a great tool to have! The RokForm Mountable Phone Cases have a magnet within the case that allows you to slap it on to any metal surface and record your WODs/lifts with ease. Watching and critiquing yourself is one of the best ways to perfect your form and tweak small aspects of your lifts that you may not notice otherwise. It also has great protection so your phone will be safe, in and out of the gym!


5. Liquid Chalk

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Whether you are setting up for a PR or finishing up your WOD, sweat comes at the most inconvenient times. IRONCLUB created a non-binding liquid chalk that is easy to apply and easy on your wallet. It has an added drying agent to give you the longevity you need during your sets without having to constantly reapply.


6. Rumble Roller – Deep Tissue Roller

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We all know that mobility plays a huge role in your training! Effectively relieve muscular pain and tightness with the specially designed rumble roller. Conventional foam rollers have a soft surface that can further compress soft tissue. The bumps on the rumble roller were made to re-enact the work of a massage therapist!


7. New Wave Enviro 2.2 Liter Water Bottle

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How much water do you drink daily? Most likely it is not as much as you should be consuming! Most of the time, we do not drink enough water because of the inconvenience of purchasing it or carrying 7 bottles around with you. The New Wave Enviro Water Bottle is a super convenient 2.2 Liter water jug that carries your daily-recommended water intake in one container. Just fill up once a day and you are good to go! Find out the benefits of drinking water here.

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