7 Essentials To Have In Your Gym Bag

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7 Essentials To Have In Your Gym Bag

It is important to know the difference between what you have in your gym bag, and what you NEED in your gym bag!

I know from experience, at times my bag can become a hot mess of items!

Here is a list of seven essential items we think are important to always carry with you. Follow this, and you will be ready for whatever the WOD throws at you!

1. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are definitely an important item to carry in your gym bag! The biggest reason is to help prevent injury. They provide extra support to your wrists, which makes it easier to train with heavier weights, more frequently. With all the different patterns and colors, you can definitely add a little spice to your CrossFit attire as well!

2. Knee Support/Bands

Knee sleeves provide warmth and compression to your knees, which will help prevent you from injuring them. They also enhance blood flow through the knees! This will allow you to do high-intensity WODs more often, and with less recovery time. There are different kinds of sleeves so find the ones that best suit you!

3. Weightlifting Belt

Another important item that revolves around support! Weightlifting belts are essential when performing heavy lifts. They increase core stability, which can make your lifts stronger and improve form. Belts are also known to decrease strain on the lower back, and prevent the spine from collapsing during heavy lifts.

4. Athletic Tape

Support, support, and more support! This can be essential for those hard to reach muscles and joints that sleeves or support bands cannot cover. Athletic tape can provide extra support to muscles, joints, and ligaments. The great thing is that it is affordable, and can be used for several different parts of the body.

5. Protein/Recovery Supplement

Supplements are super essential! Your body is doing a lot of high-intensity training, a lot more than most people will ever do in their lives! It needs assistance in recovery and proper nutrition. Fueling your muscles after a workout will lead to faster recovery and increased results!

6. Shaker Bottle

This comes hand-in-hand with supplements. Make it easy on yourself and always have a shaker bottle in your bag! We all know the feeling of trying to squeeze your protein into a tiny water bottle. Don’t be that person making a mess all over the gym floor! Shaker bottles make it easy to get your protein on right after a workout.

7. Journal

I would definitely recommend keeping track of your workouts! Having a journal is going to help you keep track of your progress throughout your CrossFit journey. The best feeling is to look back at your PRs and times to see how much you have progressed. You need to know where you start to know where you want to be, right?


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