5 Quirky CrossFit Habits

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5 Quirky CrossFit Habits

These witty habits are what make each CrossFitter unique. The amount of habits are endless, all depending on what gets your mind pumped up before or during a WOD/lift.  Here are just a few that the WODshop crew is guilty of. Please comment so we can find out what habits get you ready to go!


All you need is one loud, ridiculous grunt to get you ready for that lift. Your mind is thinking about the weight and how you have never attempted this much. That grunt throws all that nonsense out the door and pumps that extra rush of blood to your heart, leaving you focused and ready to fire!

Chalk, Chalk, and More Chalk

You can never have enough chalk, right? Chalking up before every single lift is a habit that several CrossFitters are guilty of. Regardless if you need it or not, the act of chalking up mentally prepares some to conquer a lift.

Yank that Bar

After positioning hand placement, some CrossFitters like to do a few quick pulls on the bar before setting up their posture. An aggressive pull makes the bar come off the ground easy, making it seem like light weight. Keeping that mindset for the lift will help you approach that lift with no fear.

Count down

You know that feeling when you are dead tired in the middle of a WOD, but need to keep going to get a good time? Some CrossFitters count down between reps in order to keep a steady pace. (3, 2, 1 box jump 3, 2, 1 box jump). This methodical process keeps your mind thinking about one rep at a time, making the feel WOD more attainable!

Wrist Wrap Frenzy

We all have those friends that where wrist wraps everyday, regardless of the workout. Whether it is a fashion statement or a mental safety net, this is a habit that some cannot seem to break out of.  Let’s face it, Barbara and Angie benchmark workouts do not need wrist wraps to accomplish; yet you will most likely see a handful of CrossFitters rocking them anyway!

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