5 Important Mobility Tools for Every CrossFitter

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5 Important Mobility Tools for Every CrossFitter

Mobility tools seem to be very undervalued when it comes to beginner/intermediate CrossFitters. The truth is, 5-minute stretch sessions before a WOD is not going to result in your best performance. Spending time on your mobility is an important factor that many people underestimate when it comes to working on posture and flexibility for weightlifting or high intensity workouts. Here are 5 mobility tools that are necessary to have and utilize in your gym! All these tools can be used before or after a workout.

Foam roller

One of the most common mobility tools! Foam rollers help increase flexibility by stretching the muscles. It also reforms muscle tissue through scar tissue breakdown and myofascial release.  This tool is made for larger muscles such as the lats, upper leg, and lower back.

Resistance bands

This tool has several different uses. It is a great mobility tool to help stretch joints that are hard to do on your own such as hips, knees or shoulders. I love to use resistance bands for a quick shoulder stretch before snatches or overhead squats. These bands are also great for assistance in pull ups and ring dips as well! It gives you that extra push you need in order to work on perfect form.

Lacrosse ball

This tool is very similar to a foam roller. Its purpose is to target knots or sore areas and reform the muscle through scar tissue breakdown and myofascial release as well.  The lacrosse ball is small, which makes it perfect for targeting hard to reach areas such as shoulders, upper back or feet.

Floss/ compression bands

These bands are magic!! The best way to use these bands are to implement stretching while you have them on. This is a great tool to use when rehabilitating injuries. The compression of these bands helps decrease swelling of muscle tissue, as well as increase range of motion.

Crossover symmetry

This tool is great for anyone who deals with tight shoulders or upper back injuries.  Its purpose is to enhance shoulder and rotator cuff performance. Not only is it a great mobility tool but also a strengthening tool as well! It is great to use before snatches, pull-ups, handstands, and many other movements.


There is a tool for almost every muscle or joint! Utilizing these tools is crucial when it comes to flexibility and muscle repair. Along with the latest gadgets and gear, we offer these tools at WODshop because we believe that taking care of your body is a very important part of fitness. CrossFit is known for its high intensity training, you need to take care of your body and take the extra time to rehabilitate. Implementing this is going to maximize your performance and result in better posture for those PRs that you have been working so hard for!


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