5 Important Benefits of Drinking Water

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5 Important Benefits of Drinking Water

So, you are ready to jump-start the New Year! You threw away all the leftover cookies, candy and ice cream as a part of your motivational preparation. In addition to eating healthy and getting a decent amount of sleep, what else is your focus this year? Let me guess, the gym! If you are going to dedicate the time and effort in the gym, you want to maximize your results, right? Something as simple as drinking water can enhance your energy, fluid balance and muscle fuel. Here are 5 important benefits of drinking water:

1. Refuel Your Muscles

During those heavy squat sessions and high repitition WODs, your muscle fibers tear from stretching under tension. Don’t worry! This is a natural cycle that your body goes through everyday, but it needs the right amount of fluids to repair itself properly. The USGS Water Science School stresses the importance of consuming water in order to help your muscle cells grow, reproduce and survive.

2. Fluid Balance

Did you know that about 60% of your body is made of water? When you are low on fluids, your body engages in a thirst mechanism, which can result in retaining water. The more water you drink the more you will release, and unwanted toxins will flush along with it! The remaining H2O will stay to carry nutrients to the body, form saliva, etc.

3. More Energy

Your body naturally loses fluids through sweat. If you do not replenish your body with water, your muscles can shrivel and fatigue much quicker. Dehydration can also lead to  muscle fatigue and weakness. Drinking water throughout the day will definitely keep you pushing until the very last rep!

4. Sickness Fighter

Maintaining your H2O fluid balance will help keep your immune system running functionally. Drinking water can help flush flu and cold viruses to the digestion system, where they cannot survive. The Mayo Clinic claims that drinking water can help loosen congestion as well!

5. Enhanced Bowel Function

When your body is dehydrated, the colon pulls H2O from your stool, which makes them hard and difficult to pass (constipation). More water means more saliva production for your gastrointestinal tract, softer stool, and a much more pleasant experience on the toilet!


So, What can you do to help jump-start your efforts?

Have water with every meal- Replace your side drinks with a simple water bottle! That will save you so many calories PLUS increase your water intake.

Carry water with you EVERYWHERE you go- If you have water in front of you, you are more likely to drink it! You can carry a water jug that has your recommended daily intake in one. That way it is as simple as filling up once a day.

Add Flavor to your Water– Twist things up with some orange, watermelon or cucumber slices in your water jug! Let the slices sit for a few hours to enhance the flavor.




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