5 Defense Tools Crossfitters Didn’t Know They Already Had

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5 Defense Tools Crossfitters Didn’t Know They Already Had

Based on Tony Blauer’s CrossFit Defense System 

“Who cares how much you can deadlift if you’re DEAD.” – Tony Blauer

It’s simple, but true. What’s the use in being fit, CrossFit or other wise, if you’re unable to apply this fitness to real life situations, especially if it involves saving the life of you or your loved ones. When world-renowned self-defense expert and friend to the CrossFit community, Tony Blauer, created what is now the CrossFit Defense seminar, this is exactly what he had in mind.

I had the privilege of attending his full-day Athlete Course at CrossFit Evolution and discovered that I have been ill-prepared to defend myself or loved ones. What I discovered is that CrossFit athletes inherently have many of the psychology and physical tools necessary to defend themselves. They’ve unknowingly acquired these skills via every CrossFit WOD they’ve ever completed. This was an eye-opening realization, one that instantly made me and every other individual attending Tony’s course a bit more confident when dealing in defense. Coach Blauer describes this inherent knowledge as our “Mental & Physical Arsenal Inside CrossFit”, a built in survival system, that anyone can easily learn to access quickly.

Here are 5 ways taking a CrossFit Defense seminar can help you connect your fitness to real life safety and bring you closer to being a #HUMANWEAPON:

1. Managing Fear & Pain

“Control the mind and you can control the behavior.” – Tony Blauer

We’ve all been there… glued our phones, refreshing our browser, trying to get a jump on tomorrows WOD. Finally, with a turned stomach and sweaty palms there it is; Fran or Eva or any other WOD with movements that make us cringe. But you’ve been here before you know this fear. Whether it’s the fear of pulling under a heavy snatch or your legs telling you to quit during Murph, your psyche already knows how to manage this fear and pain. The manner of managing the pain and fear of these dreaded WODs is similar to how your psyche would manage in the case of a potentially life-threatening situation.

2. Wall balls & Push Ups

Believe it or not, you ALREADY have many of the physical skills necessary to defend yourself. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, simple movements like wall balls and push-ups are similar to PALM STRIKES. As CrossFit athletes, we’ve all done hundreds, if not thousands of these movements during any number of WODs. Coach Blauer and his team make it a point to show students how to apply these ‘core to extremity’ movements with a little aggression to defend against a target.

3. Intensity

Remembering my CrossFit Level 1 Certification, I was told that intensity is a component that YOU bring to the table. No one can make you work harder that you’re willing to. As CrossFit athletes we learn to bring this intensity to every WOD.  We may have to call upon this same intensity, learned while working through an AMRAP or METCON, when being forced to defend your self.

Greg Glassman created the WOD, Fight Gone Bad, for MMA fighter BJ Penn to simulate the intense rounds a fighter may face. There’s no question that CrossFit is intense. This intensity, although not as severe, may parallel that of a self-defense or fight scenario.

4. Perseverance 

Many people claim that getting through a tough WOD has helped them to overcome other challenges in their lives. As CrossFit athletes we’ve learned to build thick skin, not only that of our calloused hands, but in our ability to take on whatever life throws at us. It’s that will to push forward that can make a difference between life and death.

5. Strategy

If you’re smart about it, you probably look at any WOD and plan how to go about tackling it in the most efficient way possible. With a WOD like Fran, you may decide to break up the first set of 21 into three sets of 7, 15 into three sets of 5, etc. The same goes for approaching a potentially dangerous situation.

Tony states, most victims of violence report having sensed something wrong prior to the incident. We have the inherent ability to use our “spider senses” to detect and defuse any situation PRIOR to having to defend ourselves. Having the ability to use these senses is key to any strategy in or outside of our box.

“Real fights are only the ones you can’t avoid.”

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Although SPEAR Gear can instantly make you look 10x cooler, they will not save your life. To learn more about CrossFit Defense or to take a class with Coach Blauer, visit CrossFitDefense.com


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