5 Benefits of EMOM Training

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5 Benefits of EMOM Training

EMOM stands for “Every Minute on the Minute”, and is one of the many types of training that all CrossFit athletes have come to know. It has become a training tool and routine utilized in CrossFit gyms worldwide. An athlete has one minute to complete a specific rep scheme or movement and allowed rest for whatever time is remaining in that same minute. Some athletes however, may not know the true benefits of EMOM training and how it can significantly improve their athleticism. Here are some reasons to incorporate EMOM training into your workout regimen.

1. Skill Training

The use of EMOMs benefit enormously as a training tool. It should not necessarily be seen as a workout, but as a supplement to the workout. EMOMs can help build up a skill without completely draining an athlete. It also allows the athlete to help understand proper pacing and technique, which in turn will increase in strength while focusing on proper movement standards.

2. Time Efficiency

Many boxes have athletes who are limited on time, but want to put in extra work. EMOMs  are a solid, yet quick transition to get additional training in and still allow plenty of time for other training methods such as WODs or MetCons. They take away potential excess rest between sets and keep the athlete working. EMOMs are also great for the athletes who have trouble pacing their training.

3. Increased Volume

Weightlifting EMOMs are a solid way to get a ton of work done in a short amount of time. Depending on the programming, the use of heavier rep schemes such as 2 power cleans @ 80% of the athletes max, allows the opportunity to hit heavy lifts with efficient rest. Although the rest may not be very long, this allows for the body to gain its ability to succeed at a higher workload without constant movement. This is opposite of a MetCon where the idea is to be continuously working.

4. Conditioning

If you CrossFit, there is a chance you have already seen an EMOM programmed into a workout. At first glance, you may have thought this was going to be a sweat free day at the gym. But by the end, as you’re drenched in sweat, you realized you were mistaken. If you aren’t breathing heavily after an EMOM, then you did not work as hard as you could have. The versatility of an EMOM can vary between movements as well, such as 10 box jumps on the odd minute and 10 pull ups on the even minute.

5. Variety

If you were to do the same thing every workout session, your body would adapt to those movements. When we look at EMOMs, there is almost an endless variety and compilation of exercises that a coach can program. EMOMs will supplement any athlete, new or experienced, into becoming stronger and in better shape. The short amount of work followed by a short rest creates a spike in heart rate, which allows fat to burn even after we are done training!


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