2 Key Factors to Getting and Keeping Your Fitness Motivation

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2 Key Factors to Getting and Keeping Your Fitness Motivation

What are the Key Factors to Fitness Motivation?

Motivation to live a healthy lifestyle can come from two different places: external and internal. External motivation is the environment you’re in and the people with whom you surround yourself. Internal motivation comes from having a purpose and a goal. It’s very important to know WHAT you’re after and WHY you want to achieve.

External motivation are all the things that surround your environment:

If you’re around people that live healthy and active lifestyles, you’ll be compelled to do the same. You have no choice but to be at the same level of those around you. Napoleon Hill said, “You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with,” and that’s true in many areas of your life. Whether it be finances, career, love, and most importantly health and fitness. If the people that you’re around don’t value the level of health and fitness that they’re in, then nine times out of ten, you won’t value it either. However, if the people that you’re around work out for a minimum of 25 minutes every day or even most of the week (four out of seven days), then you will have the motivation to do the same.


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Internal motivation requires two things:

1. Your goal needs to be quantified as WHAT?

2. Your goal needs to have a reason WHY?

It’s not enough to just say, “I want to be in the greatest shape of my life.” You need to be able to say, “I want to be ___ weight and ___ body fat percentage by this ___ exact date, because…”. By having a clear vision and target of where you’re going and what you will look like, then your fitness goal will become a reality. Here is an analogy: you are on a boat, and you are trying to get from point A to point B. To really get the boat moving, you need either a sail or an engine. Otherwise, the boat will just naturally drift along the water for hours without purpose. Let’s say your boat is moving toward the correct direction you want, which is making progress towards your end destination. But what if that boat was just out there in the water, doing circles or ending up at some other destination than you originally intended?

Goals are like a boat, you need that motivation (engine), which fuels you to the right direction. From the start, have a clear vision of where or what exactly you want to be, keep on track, otherwise, you will just be drifting around aimlessly. Then, discover why you want it so bad. Why is it so important? Influential speaker Tony Robbins said, “Purpose is stronger than outcome,” so knowing why you want something is even more important than staying focused on the result.

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How to stay motivated:

Have variety built into your fitness goals. Say you start a new program, such as CrossFit. It’s never the same every day; variety is built-in. One of the founding principles is that it’s constantly varied. Even if variety is built into the fitness regimen, you may want to change it up even further. Maybe you don’t do CrossFit everyday and do Yoga instead a few days out of the week to help with increasing your joint and muscle mobility. Maybe you want to go out for a nice jog in your neighborhood, go for a swim, or learn a new sport. New sports or activities will keep things fresh and interesting so you don’t get bored. Who knows? You might even find that you love a certain new sport and want to do it everyday! Then it’s passion that fuels you. Otherwise, variety will help keep you on track with your goals..

Motivation not only comes externally from those peers who surround you but also from yourself internally. Discover exactly WHAT you want your fitness level to be and WHY you want to achieve that level. Do something everyday that you are passionate about, this is the key to motivation. Get out there and WOD it up!


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