16 Exercises to Reduce Injuries using a Massage Ball

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16 Exercises to Reduce Injuries using a Massage Ball

Learn how to use and the benefits of a massage ball

I created this Self Care Mobility Guide using a massage ball to help others increase their range of motion (ROM) and reduce the chance of injuries. Knowing these 16 exercises have helped me hit new personal records (PRs), recover faster after tough workouts, and be a better athlete. I hope they will help you as much as they’ve helped me. Here’s how to get the best lacrosse ball massage:


1. Feet

While in a standing position, place the massage ball underneath one foot and roll forward and backward. If necessary, hold on to something stable to keep your balance while standing. When you find a tight area that needs more care, spend some extra time there. Add or subtract as pressure necessary to feel tightness release. You may work the area under the balls of the feet, the arches, as well as the heels. Switch sides and work your other foot.

Learn to increase foot mobility using a massage ball.


2. Shoulders

Lay on the floor on your back and carefully roll your body onto the massage ball, placing it on your shoulder blade area. Use caution only apply as much pressure as necessary. Move your body on the ball until you find an area with tension. Slowly move your arm up taking in a breath for 5-10 secs, reaching for the floor above your head. Slowly move your arm back down while breathing out for 5-10 secs, reaching down to your pocket area of that side. Do this for about 1-2 mins per area. Find another area with tension and repeat the process. Switch sides and do your other shoulder.

Learn to increase mobility in your shoulders with the massage ball.


3. Hamstrings

Sit on the floor with the massage ball at the lower part of your hamstring, just above the back of your knee. Place your hands on the floor behind you and use your other foot on the floor to move yourself forward and backward. When you discover tight areas, and throughout the movement, move your leg side to side (left and right) to work the muscle. Work your way all the way up your entire hamstring until you reach the bottom of your glute. Switch sides and work your other hamstring.

Another great way to work your hamstrings are while you’re sitting. This is perfect at a computer desk, driving long periods (with caution of course!), at home on a chair, etc. Simply sit down, place the ball underneath your hamstring, search for tight areas by either moving the ball or your leg from side to side. When you find a tight spot, hang out there for 30 secs to a minute. Switch sides and work your other hamstring.

Learn to reduce tightness in your hamstrings with a massage ball.


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