11 Tips for the CrossFit Newbie

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11 Tips for the CrossFit Newbie

So, you are just entering the world of CrossFit, congratulations! This is a decision you won’t regret. Be prepared to see the best results of your life. Whether you are a former athlete, or have never worked out; Crossfit boxes welcome members of all shapes and sizes. In order to make sure you have the right mindset, we have come up with a few tips to keep in mind as you start this fun-filled journey!

1. Set SMART goals

You can’t expect to be Regionals-ready after your first month of CrossFit. Enhancing your muscle, endurance, and flexibility, are important factors that take time to develop.

S– You have to set Specific goals, rather than general ones. That way there is no confusion as to what you want to accomplish.

M– There needs to be a way to Measure your progress. It will be easier for you to keep track and make sure you are getting closer to your goal. Want to lose weight? Set a goal of how many pounds. Want to get faster? Time yourself with an intro WOD and then redo when the time comes.

A– Make sure your goals are Achievable! If the goal is too extreme, you are more likely to lose ambition. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

R– Your goals need to be Relevant! Although you will be increasing your endurance and muscle mass, you can’t expect to become an amazing weightlifter if all you are doing is calisthenics. Make sure your goals fit your daily workloads.

T– Your goals need to be Time-bound. Committing to a specific date will create a sense of urgency in your mind, making you more motivated to reach that target!

2. Find a gym that fits you

Every box is going to have their own vibe and way of doing things. We suggest trying several local gyms in your area. That way, you can get a feel of different CrossFit gyms and make an educated decision on which one fits your lifestyle best. Be picky! After all, this will be your home away from home.

3. Make friends at your box

Making friends is an important factor that is almost effortless. This is not your regular gym; this is a place that is driven off community. Looking back on my gym days, I noticed how boring it was! I barely talked to anyone and just did my own thing listening to headphones. I can see why I felt so unmotivated to go! Now, I not only look forward to working out, but also to hang out with friends I have made at the box. I have training partners that I love to workout with because they push me harder, and motivators that I want around when I am going for a personal record. Be open and friendly, making friends is going to help your focus and determination skyrocket!

4. You don’t have to be in shape to start CrossFit

This is an excuse that I hate to hear! So many people think you have to be at a certain fitness level to take a CrossFit class, wrong! I have a 60-year-old woman at my gym that could barely pick herself up before she started CrossFit. Remember, you are going to start off with lightweights and basic movements. Your coach won’t expect you to do muscle-ups your first day in the gym. Committing is the hardest part. After that, the results will come!

5. Start with the basics

Once you start, you are going to be so excited! You’ll want to snatch and clean all day! One of the most important factors of CrossFit is being educated in proper technique and form. Be patient as your coach makes you work with just the barbell or very light weights. Although it may feel easy, they are making sure you are using proper techniques. That way, when you do start lifting heavy, your technique is on point and you will have lower risk of injury!

6. Nutrition is key

We all should know this by now! Whether you are trying to get super fit, or just simply lose weight, your eating habits are far more important than working out! You are working so hard on your goals; it will take you twice as long to reach them if your diet is not on point. Stay motivated in and out of the kitchen!

7. Use your fitness elsewhere

One of the greatest things about CrossFit training is that it prepares you for everyday life! Take advantage of the hard work you have been putting in the gym and use it towards other fun activities. Take those bike rides and hikes you never thought you could do. You will be amazed at what your body will be able to handle.

8. Progress takes time

In the beginning, you will see a lot of quick progress! Your body is adapting to new workouts and your fitness level will shoot up. The important thing is to remember that you WILL hit a plateau! PR’s won’t be happening left and right. Once you develop those muscles, it will take time to see progress. Whatever you do, don’t lose motivation! With time and effort the results will come, I promise!

9. It never gets easy

CrossFit will push you to new limits everyday. If it doesn’t, you aren’t doing it right! When workouts get easier, the weights get heavier. If it is a body movement workout, your goal is to beat your previous time! There is no limit as to how far you can push yourself. Just know that every movement is getting you one step closer to your fitness goals.

10. Have fun!

Have fun with your new gym, new friends, and new goals!  We are all in it to see improvements. I think this aspect has helped keep me motivated throughout my CrossFit journey. Embrace the pain, and have fun!

11. Get the tools you need

We all know that is it important to be prepared. Taking the right supplements and having the right equipment will have you ready for the road that lies ahead. Mobility tools, wrist wraps, and weightlifting belts are just some of the tools that can help you stay prepared and prevent injury. Remember that you can get all your fitness needs at your one stop, WODshop!


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