11 Greatest CrossFit Fashion Fads of All Time

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11 Greatest CrossFit Fashion Fads of All Time

Let’s face it, part of being active in the CrossFit community means keeping up with the latest lingo and trends. Despite CrossFit’s rather young imprint in the world of fitness, its trends are unique and distinct, making it easy for you to spot a CrossFitter from a mile away. These 11 trends were once or still are a crucial part of the CrossFit wardrobe. Whether past or present, we feel that these must have items had a big influence in completing the CrossFit community.

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1. Where we’re going we won’t need shirts

Shirts are for warm up! How many guys at your box actually keep their shirt on for an entire workout? Going shirtless brings you to a whole new level; you now have no choice but to go hard.  Showing off those muscles you’ve spent so many hours working for is always a plus too. Most importantly, when you take your shirt off you no longer fear the barbell, the barbell fears you.

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2. Who wears short shorts

Booty shorts trend that both men and women can appreciate. Let’s face it, CrossFit women squat hard for their amazing buns and thighs. Less cloth leads to a more flexible and comfortable workout. In addition, showing off those toned legs will only help you work harder to maintain them!

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3. Nothing but Nanos

Reebok Nanos have overtaken the shoe game in CrossFit. The Nano 3.0 is great for endurance training, rope climbing, and weightlifting, all in one. It’s versatility is what makes the Nano suitable for that varied WOD. Nothing less should be expected for a shoe that is designed specifically for CrossFitters.

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4. The fashion first knee high

The knee high sock  fashion frenzy is hot for women in the Crossfit community. They say knee high socks are used to prevent the scraping of shins during deadlifts and box jumps, but in reality, these throwback socks add the perfect touch to a Crossfitter’s wardrobe.

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5.  Headbands: The thicker the better

Headbands have started to become a sensation in boxes worldwide. The sizes and colors available are endless. Women usually prefer thicker headbands because they are less likely to slip off during a WOD. Men use them to prevent… sweat getting into their eyes? Nonetheless, This item has remained prevalent in WOD attire.

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6. Wrap it up

The wrist wrap has made it’s way into Crossfit attire, due to the multiple designs and colors available. Regardless of their fashion statement, they actually play an important role in the weightlifting . Whether you suffer from pain, immobility, or just want to prevent injury, these wraps provide secure and support for any type of lift.

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7. Chuck knows CrossFit

There are more to Converse than completing that OG look. Some CrossFitters preferred these shoes due to their thin, flat sole. During a heavy lifting sesh, converse can assist in driving the heels into the ground. Other than power and olympic lifts, these shoes don’t have much versatility for high impact workouts.

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8. From beach to barbell

Prior to WOD shorts arriving in the Crossfit world, boardshorts were a prominent piece of a man’s wardrobe. They preferred these shorts because of their shorter length and full range of motion. WOD shorts have very similar style and material, but are specifically tailored for the brutal workouts that CrossFitters endure.

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9. FiveFinger toe shoes

Most people thought they had to have this one of a kind “barefoot” shoe. At first, Vibram FiveFinger shoes were popular because of the natural feel that engaged your feet during workouts. We were quick to realize that they weren’t so compatible with high impact WODS or olympic lifting. Also, people started to notice how ridiculous they looked with these shoes on!

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10. Rock this tape

The majority of top CrossFit competitors have used kinesio tape at one point in time. This trend is popular because of its dual purposes, fashion and functionality. CrossFitters use this tape to help prevent injury, relieve pain, and even enhance performance during long workouts. Despite its great benefits, all the different colors and patterns available have made kinesio tape a unique addition to the CrossFit attire.

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11. The innovative Inov-8

Before Nanos arrived, Inov-8 shoes dominated the floor of CrossFit gyms.  The variety of versions available still make Inov-8 a prime competitor in the CrossFit community. Lightweight, rope guards, and flat soles are all components that the Reebok Nanos offer as well. So the question remains, Have Nanos made Inov-8 shoes a thing of the past?

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