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Kristine "Xena" Andali

Dogtown CrossFit

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Kristine Andali, better known as "Xena" in the Functional Fitness & CrossFit communities, is an incredible athlete originally from Ontario Canada. In this year's 2016 CrossFit Open, Kristine is competing in the Southern California Region, one the toughest regions in the world. If anyone is up for the challenge, that would be Xena. She represents Team Dogtown of Dogtown CrossFit


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Current Stats as of 3/11/16*

Workouts (WODs)

  • Fran - 1:56


  • Clean & Jerk - 240 lb
  • Snatch - 190 lb
  • Deadlift - 345 lb
  • Back Squat - 305 lb

* Source: