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IRONCLUB | Liquid Chalk - The Best Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, & CrossFit Gym Chalk

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US IRONCLUB Liquid Chalk

We understand that you need the tools to keep your hands dry. The sweat pours whether you're setting PRs or just finishing the last round of your WODWith commercial gyms getting stricter on chalk, serious lifters have to look for alternatives to train the way they need to. You don't need another excuse for why the bar slipped out of your hands, you need resultsThat's why we created Liquid Chalk.

IRONCLUB is proud to release a unique, non-binding liquid chalk that's easy to apply and easy on your wallet. We sourced different types of limestone to formulate a fine quality, proprietary chalk compound. It has an added drying agent to give you the longevity you need during your sets without having to constantly reapply and the liquid delivery system is anti-bacterial. It take a few seconds to apply, and it's quick drying so you can get back to work. 

A dime-sized amount will last you a complete session unless you wash it off. And you can always apply a larger amount if you want a heavier chalk coat. Our gym bag sized bottle will last you over 2 months of training around 3-4 lifting sessions a week!

This is a special, non-binding Liquid Chalk that gives you the feel of regular chalk with virtually no mess. We wanted to re-create the dry chalk experience so excess chalk can rub off. Just remember to wipe down any excess (and re-rack your weights). The best part is it's easy to clean up: just use soap and water.  

It doesn't matter where you lift or how, Liquid Chalk works. 


Iron Club is Approved by the USPA

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